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Chimney Repair

Concrete Cast Crown

If the chimney cap is absent or badly deteriorated, a new concrete cast crown maybe in order. The process begins by removing the old cement cap. Forms are used to cast the new concrete in place. This allows for a 3' overhang with a built in drip edge, to encourage moisture to fall from the structure verse running down the side. New concrete cast crowns are 4' thick with a sloping top for drainage. Concrete Cast Crowns have a 40 year warranty from the date of installation.

Chimney Tune-up!_Pointed the bad joints,

Crown Coat 

Often the cement cap is deteriorating by cracking and lifting away from the brick. When the cap does not appear to be damaged enough that it requires replacement, applying crown coat will seal the cement cap and prevent further deterioration from moisture and other elements of nature. 15 Year Warranty from installation date.

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